In 2017 EcoAct Group, the climate expert and climate finance project developer headquartered in Paris, announced the acquisition of Carbon Clear, a major player in the UK environmental sustainability marketplace for an undisclosed sum.

The joining of the two companies is to help businesses better manage their approach to climate change and sustainability by creating an international entity with expanded operations in Europe.

EcoAct work with international clients to meet the demands of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, offering solutions to companies’ sustainability challenges. With the acquisition of Carbon Clear, new service offerings will be available across the global sustainability market including: assessing climate change risks and opportunities; strategic planning and target setting; managing and reducing energy and carbon emissions and; working with climate finance projects.

Combining forces is a natural fit for both EcoAct and Carbon Clear due to their shared corporate values. Both companies were formed over a decade ago to address dangerous climate change and both teams remain dedicated to this goal for the Group going forward.

The company, led by London Business School alumnus, Mark Chadwick, pitched to Enterprise 100 for its first and only round of finance back in 2006 within which E100 members played an active role.

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