Membership of E100 is limited to those men and women who have been specifically invited to join, being recognised by their peers as the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Members are self-certified high net worth individuals who are either seasoned investors or those looking to embark on angel investing by working alongside other members of the group who may prefer to take a lead role. To support investment activity, a number of useful resource materials and downloadable fact sheets are available through the UK Business Angels Association 

E100 participation is available only on an individual basis, with the Club enjoying an average of 75 members and approximately 25% of the group being alumni of the School.

Members are invited to:-

  • network with fellow entrepreneurs by attending the Club’s programme of presentation events held throughout the year when 6-7 investment opportunities cherry-picked from the entrepreneurial landscape at large are showcased at each meeting;
  • get involved with the School’s students, business Incubator programme and 12,000 alumni from around the world, who are seeking assistance in their formative stages;
  • promote recruitment opportunities to the School’s most talented students for full-time appointments, summer placements or project-based work;
  • access up-to-date research material from the School’s faculty, relevant to the entrepreneurial and investment community E100 exists for the benefit of its investor members, carefully screenings, selecting and preparing opportunities which most closely match the profile and interest areas of its subscribers.

We always welcome new membership applications. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Jane Khedair for further information.