Over 450 businesses have presented to the Club since it was launched in 1999, with at least a third of them having received funding and 93% of them still running. These figures far exceed typical UK start-up activity and so clearly demonstrate the high quality of those opportunities which are chosen.

Selected businesses represent a full range of sectors and stages although preference is given to those generating revenues rather than being at concept phase.

Notable investments are numerous but include the following successful businesses to name but a few:-

  • Iglu.com
  • ByBox.com
  • Dr Thom
  • Tortilla
  • Tagman.com
  • WorldRemit.com
  • PrePay Technologies
  • Buzzmove
  • Natural Motion
  • Carbon Clear
  • Arthur Online
  • Uncover

The Club does not charge companies to present, nor does it take any fees on successful investments or any equity, ensuring that all funds raised are reinvested in full into the investee business to further its growth and success.

Selection is competitive, based on information provided upon application, demonstrating the investment readiness of the business as well its growth potential. Applicants should submit their information here and send their Executive Summary to Keith Willey ahead of the application deadline specific to the next event.

The selected company

I. must not have presented to any other angel-based forum in the South-East of England for this business in respect of the same round of finance;

II. must commit to the presentation training provided by E100;

III. is obliged to give ongoing feedback, when requested, on the outcome of their funding round and progress of their business for tracking purposes.

Enterprise 100 is a members club of entrepreneurially minded individuals who are interested in supporting new ventures which may include the provision of finance. Enterprise 100 does not warrant or represent that any member or visitor attending the presentation pass any test or certification concerning their net worth or any other test of suitability to provide finance to any of the presenting companies. It is up to each company to satisfy themselves that individuals or informal groups that express interest in investing in the company are suitable and capable of participating in such and investment and meet any such requirements or tests and to conduct any such discussions and negotiations directly between themselves.